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Gehn Shard Great Zero Activation Event!

As was mentioned at the last All Guilds Meeting, explorers visiting Gehn Shard have been hard at work calibrating that version of the Great Zero.  It's been such a success, that Victor Haxman feels it's ready to activate fully!

As such, the Guild of Writers has invited explorers to gather at the Great Zero to witness this impressive piece of D'ni machinery go online.  Note that, if you want to be down on the "main floor" for the event (and not watch it from the small window of the observation deck), you will need to gather your green and red markers to gain entrance to the main chamber via the Nexus.

The planned event will be held on Saturday, February 6th on Gehn Shard immediately following the All Guilds Meeting on the MOULa shard.

Hoikas himself will be hosting a music feed.  You can listen at

For those that missed out on this occasion back during the Gametap era, now is the time to see this rare occurence for yourself!

If you have not set up Gehn Shard yet, you can view details on how to do so at this link.  If there's any troubles, you can discuss it in that section of  the GoW forums.

Ort in D'ni: 
Great Zero - Gehn Shard
Datum des Anlasses: 
6. Februar 2016 - 14:00
Eingetragen von: 
Guild of Writers
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All Guilds Meeting - January 2016

It's a new year in the cavern, and with that, the first All Guilds Meeting of 2016, with new moderator Korov'ev!  The usual raw and cleansed chatlogs are ready to read, along with a helpful summary:

Guild of Writers

Hoikas started things off by mentioning that, according to Victor Haxman, Gehn Shard's Great Zero has already been 77% calibrated by explorers, an impressive feat!  There are plans for an activation party in the near future, so keep watching for further details!

Rarified and Christian Walther both detailed the recent small update to the MOULa client.  With it, new updates can now be added with greater ease and with much less effort for Cyan.  Due to this, the OU team is hopeful to start sending more frequent updates, about one or even two a month, coinciding with the usual server resets.

With all that in mind, testing on Minkata Shard after updates will be even more crucial.  Check here for details on how to install the shard and participate in testing.

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All Guilds Meeting - Dezember 2015

Picture courtesy of Tom(Samoth)Photo mit freundlicher Genehmigung von Tom(Samoth)

Es war ein ziemlich ereignisreiches Treffen Aller Gilden in diesem Monat, dem letzten von 2015. Es brachte große Neuigkeiten und große Änderungen. Die originalen und bereinigten Chatlogs liegen für euch bereit, zusammen mit einer hilfreichen Zusammenfassung!

Gilde der Schreiber

Hoikas war der Erste und redete über die letzte Aktualisierung des Gehn Shards.  Er erwähnte, dass der Große Nullpunkt des Shards eine Kalibrierung braucht und forderte die Forscher auf, zu kommen und zu helfen ihn zum laufen zu bringen, indem sie die Missionen der Kalibrierung durchlaufen. Dieses Vorgehen wird die Koordinaten in der KI aktivieren und das Erstellen von Markierungsspielen erlauben, und wenn genügend Leute dies tun, wird es den Großen Nullpunkt voll funktionsfähig machen! Weiterlesen

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Gehn 23 is Now Live!

A flurry of work behind the scenes brings us the latest version of the Guild of Writers' Gehn Shard!  Included in the newest release is a nice batch of fixes:

  • Fix audio synchronization issue in the Great Zero.
  • Fix bizarre camera angles introduced in Gehn.22.
  • Fix crash encountered when quitting the game in certain situations.
  • Fix extremely loud heek table drone sound.
  • Fix framerate stutter observed when KI Chat arrives in large ages (e.g. Ae'gura).
  • Fix garbled player names in KI Chat.
  • Restore Great Zero Calibration Mission functionality.
  • Restore user marker quest functionality.
  • Update game icons for the Windows desktop.
  • Retract phong shader.

If you haven't yet tried Gehn Shard, it's easy to set up.  Simply register for a GoW forum account, then follow the directions at this forum thread to use the installer (or this one if you have a Mac).  Once all is set up, use your forum credentials to log in.

Congratulations to the GoW for another successful release.  Keep checking back here for more shard updates!

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Gehn.22 ist da

Die immer rege Gilde der Schreiber hat wieder mal ihren Gehn Shard aktualisiert mit einem schönen Stapel von Ausbesserungen und Ergänzungen.

Diese Ausbesserungen beinhalten: Weiterlesen